UBPorts Releases Latest Version of Ubuntu Touch with Lomiri UI

UBPorts, a volunteer-led project, has released the newest version of its smartphone operating system, which includes the Lomiri UI. Previously known as Unity 8, Lomiri UI is a significant change in this version of Ubuntu Touch OTA-1 Focal. This is the first version of the smartphone OS based on Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa,” whereas all previous releases were based on Ubuntu 16.04 “Xenial Xerus.”

Renaming Unity 8 to Lomiri UI is more than just a name change. It signifies a reduction in dependence on Ubuntu components and allows Lomiri to be more distro-independent. The new version also includes other changes, such as using systemd instead of Canonical’s upstart init system, replacing the old Ubuntu Indicators with Ayatana’s, and replacing the now-deprecated Anbox with Waydroid.

A significant problem that arises with SoC hardware in smartphones and tablets is the lack of compatible device drivers. This issue results in specialty hardware, such as Planet Computers’ PDAs, being unable to upgrade to newer Android versions. Nonetheless, Waydroid offers a solution by running a LineageOS image that is based on Android 11, allowing vendor-specific drivers to function in a container. Additionally, Canonical continues to support and develop the Mir display server, which Ubuntu Touch utilizes.

Even though the latest release of Ubuntu Touch OTA-1 Focal supports fewer devices than its previous versions, such as only the Fairphone 4, Google Pixel 3A, and three Vollaphone models, there’s still an OTA-25 final update available for those using Ubuntu Touch on other supported devices based on the older Xenial version. This noteworthy achievement by the UBports project is a clear indication of the dedication and tireless efforts of its volunteers.

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